a Genealogy of the Yeandle and Davys family

Mr John Yeandle of Upcott Farm, Raddington, died 1795 leaving 2 sons and 7 daughters.

These are the names and who they married. John, who succeeded his father to the farm married a daughter of Lord Thomas Davys, Thomas, second son, married a daughter of Mr Brewer, sister to William & James Brewer of Chubworthy Farm, Raddington

The eldest, Mary Yeandle, married to James Davys, third son of Lord Davys. Second Grace Yeandle married to George Davys, younger son of Lord Davys leaving no, issue. Third, Betty Yeandle married to the above James Brewer of Chubworthy. Fourth, Jane Yeandle married to one Mr Totterdell of Monksilver leaving no issue. Fifth, Ann Yeandle married to Mr Thomas Palmer of Hill Farm, Stawley. Sixth, Patience Yeandle married John, brother, of the above Thomas Palmer lived at Currams, Stawley. Seventh, Sarah Yeandle married Mr Stone of Yaw Farm, Stogumber.

The following are the issue of the aforesaid family. John had two children, John and Betty. Thomas had 9 children, 6 sons & 3 daughters. The sons names are these - Thomas, William, John, Richard, James and Samuel. The daughters names I don't know. They were all born at Notwell Farm, Raddington.

Mrs James Davys had 8 children, their names were Mary, James, Betty, Thomas, Jane and Grace Davys. (The names of the remaining two were left off the original document. Ed) Grace Davys, the wife of George Davys had no children. Betty the wife of James Brewer had four children, their names were James, Betty, William and Thomas and one daughter by her second husband, Mr Potter. Jane, the wife of Mr Thomas Palmer, Stawley, had two children, Thomas and Ann. Patience, the wife of John Palmer of Currams, Stawley had six children, two sons and four daughters. Sarah, the wife of Mr Stone of Yaw Farm, Stogumber had 5 children, 3 sons, John, Phillip and Thomas, and 2 daughters, Sarah & Mary

Wills in the possession of Wm Davys late of Hagley bridge

A will of Mary Davys, dated 16th September 1705 who died at Hagley Bridge and gave an oak carved bedstead to her grandson, Lord Davys. A will of Thomas, son of the above and executor to Mary Davys, dated the 13th September 1723, his wife, Judith Davys, Executrix lived to the age of 100 Years, died in 1768 at Hagley Bridge. A will of the Revd Thomas Davys, eldest son of Lord Davys, dated 29th Sept1783. A will of George Davys youngest son of Lord Davys, dated 19th November 1783

The reason the above Lord Thomas was titled Lord was because be bought a manor in Raddington of nearly 900 acres. He died without a will about 21st June 1783 aged 88 years leaving the aforesaid Manor encumbered with debt. His heir was the Revd Thomas Davys who died in the September following leaving a will dividing the Manor between his three brothers, each to have their distinct messuages and discharge their Fathers and Brothers debt.

Now as regards the Brewer family, I have no knowledge farther back than William and James of Chubworthy and their three sisters married, one to Mr White, one to Mr Thos Yeandle and the third to Mr William Granger. Mr John Davys was the first to be connected with the Brewer family

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