Yeandle Genealogy

Joseph, Julia & family circa 1929

Joseph, Julia & family early 1920s

Amy, Bert & Beryl 1993

Frank William Yeandle circa 1915

Amy & Frank Morle plus others circa 1924, maybe at their wedding

Harold circa 1916

Harold & Ada May Bowey 1921

Ada May Bowey's parents & grandfather

Photos provided by June & Stuart Farmer.

Joseph Yeandle was born in Brompton Ralph in 1855. The family lived at Cridlands farm which is near the church.

This is the 1881 census entry:

Dwelling:   Village Farm House
Census Place:  Brompton Ralph, Somerset, England
Source:  FHL Film 1341567     PRO Ref RG11    Piece 2357    Folio 86    Page 11
         Marr  Age   Sex   Birthplace
John YANDLE    M  59    M  Raddington, Somerset, England
   Rel:  Head
   Occ:  Farmer 258 Acres Imploying 4 Men
Grace YANDLE      M  34    F  Germansweek, Devon, England
   Rel:  Wife
Joseph YANDLE     U  25    M  Brompton Ralph, Somerset, England
   Rel:  Son ((Unm))
   Occ:  Farmers Son
William Taylor YANDLE   U  18    M  Brompton Ralph, Somerset, England
   Rel:  Son
   Occ:  Farmers Son
Herbert A. YANDLE U  17    M  Brompton Ralph, Somerset, England
   Rel:  Son
   Occ:  Farmers Son
Ernest E. YANDLE     14    M  Brompton Ralph, Somerset, England
   Rel:  Son
   Occ:  Scholar
Caroline YANDLE         2  F  Brompton Ralph, Somerset, England
   Rel:  Daur
Mary Ann QUICK       12    F  Templecombe, Somerset, England
   Rel:  Serv
   Occ:  Nursemaid
Hannah PARSONS       15    F  Monksilver, Somerset, England
   Rel:  Serv
   Occ:  General Domestic Serv

Joseph married Julia Evelyn Williams in 1884 and they lived at Fisherton de la Mere (between Salisbury and Warminster) and later at Barry (South Wales). He worked as a bailiff and died in 1930. Julia died in 1933 and they share a grave in Barry cemetery.

They had ten children:

Joseph Stanley (Stan) 1885 - 1947
Caroline Jane 1887 - 1896
John Reginald (Reg) 1888 - 1977
Kate Evelyn (Kitty) 1890- 1990 (died aged 100)
Harold William 1891 - 1942
Amy Margaret 1894 - 1992
Marion Bessie (Betty) 1895 - 1983
Francis William (Frank) 1898 - 1917
Charles Frederick 1900 - 1967
Herbert Edward 1902 - 1999

Working backwards from Joseph, there were the following at Raddington, Somerset:

John Yeandle (1821-1895) who married Caroline Taylor (1823-1871) in 1850.
John Yeandle (1801-1889) who married Mary Langdon (1797-1853) in 1821.
John Yeandle (about 1765-about 1824) who married Elizabeth (Betty) Davys (born about 1768) in 1800.
John Yeandle (born about 1735) who married Jenny Davys (born about 1726) about 1763.
John Yeandle (about 1710-about 1795) who married Grace Tarr (about 1710-about 1762) in 1732.

Before that it could be these two (still at Raddington)
Thomas Yeandle (about 1675-1719)
Thomas Yeandle (about 1645-about 1726) and his wife Mary

Here's an 1851 census entry

HO107 1921 1  Raddington
John Yeandle   h   m 59 Farmer 400 Acres   Raddington
Mary           w   m 54                    Elworthy
William        s   u 23                    Raddington
James          s   u 21                      do
Francis        s   u 19                      do
Harriet        d   u 16                      do
John Perrott   svt u 24  Carter            Chipstable
Robert Darch   svt u 20  do                Huish Champflower
Anne Milton    svt u 30  Cook                do
Sarah Warren   svt u 15  Servant             do
Robert Chub    svt u 14  do                Skilgate
(although the 59 probably should be a 50)

Here's a document entitled "a Genealogy of the Yeandle and Davys family" about John Yeandle 1710-1795 (thought to have been written about 1830).

Three photos taken at Raddington church.